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Details for submitting information

Last updated 5/04/2007

(1) There is actually a little new info here, but these three rules guide the operation of the site, so I'll put them right up front:    

     (A) - SCL promotes live music entertainment open to the public.  That does not include private parties, closed events or members-only dances, invitation-only fund raisers, weddings, DJ or karaoke events, etc. Bands and venues have some leeway in what they say on their own SCL band/venue pages, but private bookings and events that do not include some live musical entertainment do not go into the Calendar itself. If you have a question, ask me. If I see something that appears to be a private party, or a non-live music event, I may send you a note for clarification- if I don't have time, I'll just delete the event from the calendar.

     (B) - SCL supports local entertainment on the Spacecoast.  Either the venue has to be in Brevard County and northern Indian River County (from Sebastian up to the northern county boundary) or else the band listed has to be based in that area.  If you are a local venue, you are free to publicize your bands from out of area.  If you are a local band playing out of the area, you can still list those gigs in a specified manner (use Outside Brevard County for the Venue pick and include a phone number and/or directions to the out-of-Brevard location).  But one way or the other, there has to be a local connection.    

     (C) - SCL is intended to be a community resource, so the content must be appropriate to all ages.  No expletives in the band names, descriptions or gig announcements, no nudes in the graphics, etc.  If the newspaper wouldn't print it, it probably doesn't belong here, either.  If you aren't sure, ask before posting where the public will see it.

(2) Everyone is invited to send in live music information. Please include your name, email address and/or phone number, so I can contact you if I need additional information about what you have submitted.  We give bands and venues special access to the SCL site so they can enter and update their information and calendar events directly. I really prefer to set this up as it lets the bands manage their details directly and reduces my work, so please take advantage of this opportunity to administer your own acccount!

(3) If you are reporting on a band or musician that is not already listed on the band page, please give me as much detail as you can, including any band/artist website, contact, phone number and/or email. Just a name isn't really that helpful. Remember the band must be based on the Spacecoast or playing here.

(4) Likewise for a club or other site not already listed on the venue page: please provide the full name, phone number, street address, website; every bit will be helpful. Remember that it must be on the Spacecoast.

(5) If you send in a note saying "Tom plays every Wednesday at Joe's Bar" or something like that, I could post something in the Calendar, but I'd have no way of knowing whether the gigs are continuing. Again, I'd prefer either the associated band or venue arrange to add and update the event information directly.

(6) I know some bands and clubs have booking calendars on their own websites, but I just don't have the time to search out new calendars, and keep checking back periodically for changes. And I don't copy out of the newspaper, BrevardLive or any other publications. You (musicians, hosts, and listeners) have to provide the new and updated information. I'm trying to make this project as easy for everyone as I can, but it has to be a cooperative arrangement, or it won't last.

(7) If there is a band or club whose schedule you'd like to see listed on SCL, either talk them into sending the information to me, or else get it and send it yourself.

-Bob R.

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