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Space Coast Live News

FAQ: Why wasn't the entire old site simply kept online or duplicated?

Answer: The founders, Warren and Bob, were ready to retire form Space Coast Live last winter. Out of their love for local live music, they have faithfully supported the site for years.

In order to expedite their retirement, it was suggested that we concentrate on the basic functionality first, and then over time add the additional features. That basic functionality was the ability for bands to post their dates and for fans to find out when and where they could enjoy live music on the Space Coast. That is basically done, and so we took the site live Saturday, July 14th.

Now we start down the list of missing and/or new features.

Yes, it would have been great to have it ALL done before we went live, but with other commitments, there simply wasn't time. But stay tuned, 'cause we are not done yet :-)

Thursday 7-26-18 -- BUG FIXED:
For the last 24 +/- hours there was a problem with the calendar when a band attempted to add an event in August. That has been fixed
So now the current month and the next months calendars now appear properly.

Thursday 7-26-18 -- IMPROVEMENT
Bands can now post their events 3-plus months out. Current month + 3-months.
FYI, posting events way out in the future has created a problem in the past as things change (bands break up, etc) and then no one comes back to delete those events. Then fans complain that the calendar is not accurate and that is not good.

Tuesday 7-24-18 -- BUG FIXED:
Click a date in the calendar, then clicking Next. This now works properly.

Monday, 7-23-18. The server now appears to be set to the proper timezone so the proper date appears in yellow in the calendar to the right.
Saturday, July 21, 2018. Links for News, Buy-Sell-Trade, and Talent Meetup have been created. Temporary posting methods have been created for Buy-Sell-Trade and for Talent Meetup.
Saturday, July 14, 2018. The new Space Coast Live site went live with basic functionality like the ability for bands to post events and for fans to be able to find when and where they can enjoy live music on the Space Coast.
The first few days were a little buggy and bumpy, but those issues have been resolved. Some features in the old SCL and not in this version will be added as we can get to them. Temporary workarounds for many of those features have been provided.
Some changes are planned for the appearance of the site as time goes by. These include making it more mobile friendly and adding some eye candy. That said, simple, basic readability and functionality will remain a goal, so at least for now, don't expect too much razzle-dazzle :-)

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