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Saying Thanks and Goodbye to Jerry, a long-time Space Coast Music Supporter
Posted By: Bob - Last Edited: May 16, 2018 
Jerry Watts has been a manager at Squidlips Melbourne (and when it was Conchy Joe's before that) and the go-to-person responsible for live entertainment at that location for as long as I can remember. Jerry has booked popular bands, and less well-known bands, and even individuals newly arrived to our community and looking for a opportunity to show their skills. The last few years have been a challenge, with a variety of health issues prompting the need to move out of state for special care, but through it all, Jerry has kept the music alive.

Jerry has asked me to tell you he's now resigning those responsibilities at Squidlips for medical reasons, and that someone else will take them up in his place, TBA.

!Right now! is a good time to say Thank You and Best Wishes, so Jerry can know how much his efforts have been appreciated, and all the 'good vibes' he has given us. I encourage you to send him an email or a text and let him know he made a positive impact on your lives. And if you're going to do it, do it sooner rather than later- Jerry could use the lift right now.

Further down is information on how to reach Jerry by email/text, but I'm adding some new information here:
Billy Riggs (who is a super music supporter and community advocate in his own right, but that's a long story all by itself) has picked up several Appreciation Cards for Jerry. The cards already have the 'What a great guy! text, all you have to do is sign your name. In fact, that's all you're supposed to do- just sign your name to let Jerry know you're thinking of him. If you want to say something more, then buy another card and write out what you want to tell him, and leave it for him at Squidlips Melbourne- his son Ben will see that Jerry gets your personal message card. The Appreciation Cards will be available at the Tiki Bar- just ask a bartender. They will be collected on Sunday, May 27th, so you have 10 days to get in there and put your name down, to lift Jerry's spirits.

Because there are low-life people out there who are no better than dog droppings, I'm going to have to s-p-a-c-e--o-u-t his contact information, so the scammers and spammers and bots can't just scoop up his info off this page and bombard him with garbage. Where I have an ''*'',''!'' or ''$'', just take it out and use what's left to write/text. If you want to talk on the phone, please text or email him first to see if he's up to talking, and when would be a good time. He's not well- be considerate of *his* needs at this time.

Jerry: jer!rylw*atts*@*gm*!ail.$c*om $734***77!003!53!

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