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One more way to hear great Space Coast music.
Posted By: Bob - Last Edited: Apr 25, 2018 
I'm a live music fan, through and through. But one thing I've learned to accept, is that the bands don't always have an optimal playing area in terms of acoustics and room to maneuver, and don't always have their best gear available. And worse, from a music lover's perspective, they can't always play the best of their repertoire, the songs that show the breadth of their skills, the depth of their expertise. By necessity, live performances are tailored to find a best-compromise for the given locations, the given audience, perhaps the weather, and other factors.

But some of our musicians and bands also record their music, with the intent to capture the best work they can do. In the studio, they have the equipment, and the technical resources, and the lack of noise around them, and the time to play the music they want, just the way they want it.

So where can you hear this recorded music that demonstrates what our local musicians can do under the best of circumstances? Glad you asked: Radio 1300, on the AM and on-line, plays exclusively music performed by Space Coast musicians. I've been running SCL for 16 years, and I didn't know about Radio 1300 until recently. I checked it out, and was totally blown away. Like the other side of a shiny coin, Radio 1300 values and supports our local musicians just like SCL has done. I guarantee that when you check out their 'on the air' music airings, you will be amazed at how your favorite 'live' bands, that you have listened to on a tiki deck, or in a corner of a bar, or up against the back wall of a restaurant, can sound.

This doesn't mean the recorded music is better, or that you should stop going out to listen to the live music, and instead just listen to Radio 1300. I'm suggesting you do both: go out and support the live music in our community as often as you can/care to, to keep our music scene alive and well. And when you're not out, listen to Radio 1300 on the radio or on-line. It's a win-win situation.

Oh, did I mention Will Standley, the owner and manager of Radio 1300, will be the new host of Space Coast Live, in a comparable but new website that will be taking over from this site in the near future? When I had decided to retire from SCL, I looked for a person or organization with the resources and desire to keep the core values of SCL intact, including a lack of bias in music genres, bands and venues, and the freedom to keep the core services of SCL free to its users. That is a pretty big combination to satisfy, and some folks I thought could do it, passed. I was pretty discouraged about the future, when I finally met Will. It was almost too good to be true. I still pinch myself about my good fortune- our good fortune, to have Will step up and take the baton. I think the future is very promising for Space Coast live music, and I ask you all to support Will in the days and years to come.

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