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A Change is coming to SCL - the long version
Posted By: Bob - Last Edited: Dec 6, 2017 
Hello, friends.

When I posted the “Change is coming to SCL” news article, my wife said “That's a little terse, isn't it?” She knew making the decision to give up the site had been tough, and the search for a good host to take it over had been rough. I'd actually written a much longer, rather sad swan song to post October 1st when I thought the site would be shut down at the end of the year. Fortunately, a lot of what was in that note has been OBE'd (overcome by events) since a new site host has been found. I told her “Most people only want to know if the site is going to continue.” If that's 'you', then yes, the site is going to continue. But this could be the last time I get to talk to most of you, so there are a couple things I'd like to share.

First of all, it's been a true pleasure supporting the local music community these 15+ years. I've said it before: the Space Coast music community is an incredibly giving, compassionate group of people. They cheer people up, they calm people down, they make the day better with their artistry & their energy. Thank you so much, for all the good times.

A lot has changed in the local scene since SCL started. We all have our favorite bands and venues, and many of my own favorites are no more: The Heaters, the Sol Sisters, the Bluescasters, the Ozone Band, and Steve Thorpe, to name just a few bands/musicians gone but not forgotten; the Purple Porpoise, the old Conchy Joe's, and the That's It Antique Bar, to name a few haunts I miss. Even so, the Space Coast still has so many musicians and so many venues hosting them. I think the live music opportunities here are a greater resource to draw tourists than our beaches, lagoon and golf courses. But then, I'm a sucker for live music. It helped me when I needed it most. I hope it cheers, helps and heals every one of you however you might need it.

But just like SCL has required the support and participation of its users to succeed, the Space Coast music scene requires the support of the musicians, the venues, and most importantly the Listeners, to succeed. When you go out and a band is playing, listen to the band. Tip the band. Tell the venue staff & management you are there because they are hosting music. Take your shy friends out to hear a band, and drag them out on the dance floor. This whole thing only works if everyone participates, and that includes you. It's all about the music. Share it. Enjoy it. Support it.

As I said, I thought for a while SCL would end this coming New Years Eve, and that hurt- a lot. But I got a little help (thank you, Rhonda!) just in time, and found a kindred spirit who already has been promoting the musicians in our area for years, and who can support the music scene as it deserves and needs. Someone who I believe will make a replacement SCL site that will be even better than the original. It's a tremendous amount of work creating the new site, and we are fortunate “Bill” is willing to take it on. I'm looking forward to the new year, and the new SCL.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank someone who made SCL possible: Warren Dodd. Some of you already know Warren, but everyone should understand he listened to my ideas & wishes, and built the website that allows musicians to directly enter their bookings and update their information for the public to read (what a concept). He wrote the code that allows any venue in the area an equal (and free) opportunity to invite the public to come hear the music it is hosting. And he created the features that allow you to search by date, by band, by venue, and find the music in our area. Many bands, and many venues would not/could not afford to advertise their bookings elsewhere. I don't know of a similar site anywhere in the country, and it's no exaggeration to say our local music scene would be a lot smaller and less enjoyable without Warren's work. Just had to say 'Thank you, Warren.' one more time.

It's been a good run. Best wishes. Much love.


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