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Having fun and doing good at the same time.
Posted By: Bob - Last Edited: Mar 14, 2017 

On a pretty regular basis, I am asked 'how can I find gigs?' and 'how do I get publicity for my music/act/band? In addition to touching base with the managers at the various venues that already book live music, and also making a pitch to venues that aren't presently hosting live music, I usually suggest contacting charitable organizations and offering to help support their fund raising events. It provides public face time for the musicians, and helps the organization.

Because SCL is all about the music, our primary effort here is to support the musicians. We try to support the venues that host live music, but the musicians come first. We want every performer to be paid for his/her time. It's only fair. But there are times when a musician can choose to support a worthy group or organization trying to better our community. Sometimes 'good works' are a payment in itself, and an investment in our collective future.

Someone who works very hard in that vein is Arturo Echarte and his program Acoustic For A Change. Arturo and his wife Susan are active in helping connect musicians with local organizations in need of live entertainment for a special event. Another community-serving effort of AFAC is an ongoing program to acquire donated instruments and place them with deserving young musicians and school programs.

Arturo and Susan can speak far better of their efforts and goals at their site: acousticforachange.com. Check it out, and if you have some spare time, consider supporting one of the organizations that have asked AFAC to find some entertainment for their events. And if you have an extra instrument, getting dusty or needing some repair, contact AFAC and see if you can't do some good for a child somewhere, and bank some good karma points at the same time. These are unsettled times, and the gift of music can help make someone's life better, and lighten your own day in the process.

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