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Help keep Live Music alive on the Space Coast
Posted By: Bob - Last Edited: Nov 2, 2017 
We on the Space Coast are blessed with plenty of live music. Look at the map graphic on the SCL home page, and youíll see a dozen or more musicians/bands playing on an Ďoffí night, and two or three times that on a Friday/Saturday. Most communities do not have it so good. But if you want to keep it that way; if you want to have the option to hear live music day after day, up and down the Space Coast, then you have to do your part.

Musicians, for the most part, expect to be paid for their time and expenses. The venues hire them because they believe entertainment brings in more business. People go to the venues that host the music. But too often, I see folks just sit there and listen. They donít buy any food, they donít buy any drinks. The venue doesnít make any money to cover the cost of the band, let alone make a profit that gives the venue a reason to hire a band again. Or if they do, they factor the small sales expected, into a smaller payment given to the next band.

Iím not rich. Most of you are not rich. But you have to Ďpay the piperí. You canít go to the King Center or any other performance center and listen for free. You canít expect venues to continue to host live music for free, if they lose money for the night. We donít have a lot of places collecting cover charges and admission fees. Figure out what two or three hours of entertainment for you, your spouse/date/friends is worth, and spend that much (or more) at the venue. Not that hungry or thirsty? Great. Ask for the manager, tell her/him ďThank you for hosting live music!Ē and put the money in his/her hand. Imagine the impression that will make! And tip the servers, and tip the band. They are working hard so you have a good time.

And donít leave it for everyone else to do, so you can slide by. That's not fair. It really is up to you. Pull your weight, do the right thing. Keep Live Music alive on the Space Coast.

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