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New !!! - Insert your SCL Band or Venue Schedule in Your Own Webpage !
Posted By: Bob - Last Edited: Nov 2, 2017 
Less than two months ago, Warren and I were approached by Craig Stevens, Bass player for The Bulge band, and Masters in Computer Science candidate at Webster University. Craig proposed some very cool enhancements to the SCL website. One I will describe here, you may have noticed as a recent addition to the Band and Venue pages on SCL: 'Add This Schedule to your web site!'

SCL band and venue users have been able, for a long time, to add a link to their own SCL page, onto their own website page, and then a viewer could jump directly to the corresponding page on the SCL site. But Craig enhanced the process by preparing code that will display just the upcoming event information (date, band/location, event title) as a visually integrated part of the band or venue's own website. This doesn't display all the descriptive text that appears oh the 'source' SCL page, but for folks who just want to pull & display the event data, this is a new, quick and visually neat option. Full Instructions are displayed when you first click on the ''Add This Schedule...' link.

Thanks to Craig for his idea and development, and thanks to Warren, who prepared the necessary support services on the SCL site side of things.

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