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Space Coast Live Introduction
- the long version

Last updated 1/18/2007

SCL went online in November, 2001, and its mission is to support live music on the Space Coast of Florida. One way it does that is by providing a searchable Calendar that lets folks know where and when they can go hear live music. I am particularly interested in listing musicians and locations that are not already being well advertised in the local paper and entertainment publications- the lesser-well-known bands and solo artists, and the clubs and restaurants without mainstream advertising/publicity. But SCL will list any performing live-music artist or group, and any location that provides live entertainment. Each artist/band and venue receives a separate webpage that can display information about the band/venue, as well as display a graphic, contact information, and the upcoming events for that band/venue.

And to get the most important question out of the way for the artists and hosts, these services are free (for bands, venues and viewers- that should cover everyone), and will stay that way. There is no charge to appear here. The programming that runs the site is designed to allow users (fans, bands and venues) enter data directly. Fans can "suggest a band" and "suggest a venue". Bands and Venues can obtain Admin accounts that allow them to update the information posted on their respective pages, as well as add events to the Calendar. I can add events to the Calendar on behalf of organizers, but I expect bands and venues to apply for their own accounts and maintain their information as soon as possible. The web-pages and events are updated using very simple web-forms, that can be accessed from any computer with internet access (such as a library, if you don't have a home computer). This system serves two purposes (1) it allows bands and venues without pre-existing websites to use the provided webspace on SCL as their own website, obtaining a web-presence and displaying appropriate information to the public. (2) It lets the bands and venues keep their posted information as up-to-date as possible. 99% of the information you will find on the SCL site has been added directly by the bands and venues. I don't, as a rule, correct anyone's grammar or spelling- as long as it's readable and decent and fits in with the purpose of the site (promotes live music), that works for me.

There are only three main rules you need to know about to take advantage of SCL's free promotion and publicity services:

(1). All the gigs listed in the Calendar have to open to the public. No private parties, no invitation-only or similar events. This site is to tell folks where they can go to hear music, not where they can't go. I make a special case for events on Patrick AFB- if the event is open to all the military and family and people who can otherwise get on base, that's allowed too. Private parties, officers-only, and similar limited access events will not be listed. Private event information can be listed on the associated band/venue's SCL web-page, but not in the Calendar itself.

(2). Either the musician/ band playing has to be based in Brevard / north Indian River County, or the venue has to be in Brevard / NIRC. If a local band is playing outside our area, but within the state, like Orlando, it can list that gig so its fans can attend- this means the venue must be identified, within the event description, in enough detail that you or I could find it. If a local venue is booking an out-of-town band, that is fine, too. But one way or the other, there has to be a local connection.

(3) Band names, venue names, pictures and event descriptions have to be 'clean'. SCL is intended to be a community resource, and I expect everything in it to be appropriate to the general community. No expletives in the band & venue names, no nudes in the pictures, and so on. There's a little more freedom than, say, the newspaper, but use some common sense. Check out what's already on SCL if you need a guide as to what's acceptable. If you aren't sure- ask! I try to accommodate all users in as fair and balanced a manner as possible.

My goal is to list all the bands, groups and solo artists playing in the area, along with all the restaurants, clubs and other venues that give those artists a place to be heard. You can help! If you don't see the music calendar of your favorite club listed here, or the schedule of a band or musician you like, then tell them about the free publicity and promotion they can receive by joining the SCL family.

This site has been a work in progress, growing as more and more musicians and hosts have taken advantage of the opportunity to have their information displayed. I want to extend a very sincere Thank You to www.allbrevard.com, who, from the beginning and the five years of operation, has provided critical web resources and technical support to make this live music listing possible. AllBrevard serves as a portal for a variety of information about the Space Coast and links to relevant sites as well. Check it out!

Even with the capability for bands and venues to update their information whenever they need to, cirumstances can cause bookings and event schedules to change, so check back here for updates, and call the sites to confirm who/what/when if needed. Thanks for coming to Space Coast Live, and let me know if you have information to add, or suggestions for improvements. The more folks use the Calendar to find entertainment and read the posted information about the individual bands and venues, the greater the incentive to bands and venues to post their events and information. As more information is posted, the more helpful the Calendar becomes to music fans for finding entertainment. It's a win-win-win situation for the fans, the bands, and the hosts.

-Bob R.


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